Another success of PGNiG Technologie!

Another success of PGNiG Technologie!

PGNiG Technologie has completed another construction under the name of Well Development Rogoźnica 3K; 4K; 5K – KGZ Zalesie – Stage I. carried out for Polish Oil Concern PKN ORLEN SA Geology and Hydrocarbon Production Branch of PGNiG in Warsaw. Thus, once again, the company contributes to increasing gas production in our country.

The project completed by PGNiG Technologie enables the production of natural gas from three wells located next to each other in the Rogoźnica deposit. The wells and all constructed production facilities are located in Lipie, Głogów Małopolski commune, on the area of operation of PKN ORLEN SA, PGNiG Branch in Sanok – KGZ Zalesie.

The constructed facilities of the project in question included, among others: well development with a methanol dosing installation, reduction and measurement nodes for the Rogoźnica 3K, Rogoźnica 4KG, Rogoźnica 4KD, Rogoźnica 5K wells, the “Silica” gas drying installation based on molecular sieve technology, reduction and measuring unit with a capacity of 2000 m3/h, a 2050 m long PE dn160 polyethylene delivery pipeline, a power generator with a main switchboard, a technological boiler room with a heating network, as well as social facilities with an instrumentation and control room.


In the technological process, gas from the boreholes is first sent to pre-separators where the liquid phase is separated from the gas. After the purification, the gas is directed to reduction and measurement nodes where it is heated to a temperature of approx. +15°C using gas-liquid exchangers. Then the gas is reduced, measured and directed through a common manifold to a separator designed to separate the water phase.

Before the gas is transferred to the PSG Sp. z o.o. distribution network (to supply individual customers) must be properly treated. For this purpose, the investment is equipped with an adsorption gas drying installation based on molecular sieves, which dries the gas to a dew point temperature of about -15°C. The dried gas is directed to the reduction and billing station where, after pressure reduction and its metering, it is transferred to the final distribution network through the PE gas pipeline.


The implementation of the project in question required a lot of commitment and proper organization of the work of the investor’s and contractor’s personnel in order to meet the contractual deadline for its completion.

The PGNiG Technologie team rose to the challenge and the investment was completed and put into operation within the contractual period. Thus, PGNiG Technologie confirmed that it is a reliable, professional and experienced company in the implementation of such projects. The launch of the investment allows to increase the share of domestic production in Poland’s energy balance, thus strengthening the energy security of our country.