XV European Job Fair Work Expo is behind us

Last weekend, 17-18.09.2022, the European Job Fair “WORK EXPO” took place in the Podpromie Hall in Rzeszów. The Job Fair, due to its supra-regionality and international character, is the largest industry event in south-eastern Poland. PGNiG Technologie was represented during this event by a team of excellent specialists – Dorota Syrek, Arkadiusz Wojnar and Łukasz Szuba. It was an opportunity to meet many interesting people who have recently decided to look for a new career perspective. At the same time, which is also important, we managed to increase awareness of PGNiG Technologie S.A. in our region.

The atmosphere of the event was unforgettable and we hope that next year we will again have the pleasure of being invited to this event.