Joint-stock company

PGNiG Technologie

We have been operating under our current name since 2011. We were formed by the merger of four companies from the Corporate Group: ZUN Naftomet, BN Naftomontaż, BUG Gazobudowa and ZRUG Pogórska Wola, which have operated on the Polish market for decades.

We are a reliable contractor for the construction and production of oil & gas infrastructure. We specialise in the following services design, construction, commissioning and operation of oil and gas fields, underground gas storage facilities, gas compressor stations and transmission pipelines. In addition, we produce well development facilities, pressure equipment and provide metal machining services.

We carry out construction and assembly tasks
throughout Poland.

Our reliability is guaranteed by a team
of managers and specialists who are able to cope with
the most demanding tasks.

The knowledge and skills of our employees, modern equipment and effective methods of organisation and management supported
by a century of experience are our distinctive assets.

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Our pillars of success

We manufacture equipment for
domestic and foreign markets.

Operating within a flexible, task-oriented
managerial and engineering structure,
we are prepared to carry out
the most difficult projects.

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We have completed many investments
important to the
country's energy security.

  • Since the late 1960s,
    we have developed over 30 natural gas

  • Our company built over 70% of the domestic gas transmission
    network (approximately 7,000 kilometers of gas pipelines),
    several thousand kilometers of high-pressure gas pipelines
    and several thousand
    kilometres of distribution network.

  • Numerous desulphurisation and dehydration plants,
    gas compressor stations as well as
    reduction and metering systems.

  • More than 90% of the Christmas trees
    and wellheads used in the
    domestic market were
    manufactured in our plants.

Among the most important investments completed was the construction of 270 km of the Polish section of the Yamal- Western Europe transit gas pipeline with a diameter of DN1400.

It is the only gas pipeline in Poland with an International Certificate of Safety issued by the renowned certification company Bureau Veritas.

  • 175 km of the Rembelszczyzna-Gustorzyn gas pipeline DN700 in diameter,

  • 72 km of the Hermanowice-Strachocina gas pipeline DN700 in diameter,

  • 62 km of the Karlino-Płoty gas pipeline DN700 in diameter,

  • Jeleniów II compressor station and the natural gas dehydration plant
    with a capacity of 1 million m3/h located in Mikanowo
    near Włocławek (the plant secures gas supplies to Poland).


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