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PGNiG Technologies is a market leader in providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction  and Operation & Maintenance Services for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our three main business areas within oil and gas industry:

  • Turnkey investments
  • Manufacturing / production
  • Service / aftersales


Ongoing and completed projects

PGNiG Technologie Spółka Akcyjna

Registered Office
Naftowa st. 8
38-400 Krosno


Service / Aftersales

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PGNiG Technologies renders a wide range of services for the oil and gas industry.

Among others they involve:

  • hot-tap and linestop services (TD Williamson)
  • automated welding (Piper Plus by Lincoln Electric)
  • cathodic protection of gas pipelines
  • intensive and control measurements of the steel gas pipelines under cathodic protection
  • gas pipeline dehydration
  • construction of electrical installations and networks, metering and control system installations, telemetry
  • renovation of pipelines in highly urbanized areas
  • pressure tests and dehydration of pipelines
  • welding by following methods:
    • 135 - gas metal arc welding
    • 136 - flux cored arc welding-gas shielded
    • 111 - manual metal arc welding
    • 114 - flux cored arc welding-self shielded
    • 141 - gas tungsten arc welding
    • 311 - oxy-acetylene welding
  • laboratory tests:
    • non-destructive tests (visual inspection, penetration, X-ray, ultrasound measurements of thickness etc.)
    • destructive tests (static tests of flexing/ stretching joints and plastics, steel ball impact, hardness - Rockwell and Vickers method, surface tests of joints, static tests of stretching / tearing off plastic joints)
  • services in crossing terrain obstacles with pipe jacking, horizontal drilling or directional drilling methods
  • welder training and verification centre - we train welders according to PN-EN 287