Launch of a new oil production facility

By building new infrastructure, we are contributing to increasing domestic hydrocarbon production.

As the General Contractor of the Investment , we have completed the implementation of the task entitled: “Development of the Kamień Mały oil deposit”.

The works carried out by us included the implementation of facilities and technological installations that allow for the extraction of reservoir fluid from the Kamień Mały deposit through 3 wells. The wells are located in the so-called Kamień Mały (SP KM) borehole zone, and the installation built by us enables the transmission of extracted crude oil and natural gas for further processing to the Górzyca Group Centre through the Kamień Mały Group Centre and the Czarnów System.

The scope of work carried out by us also included the construction of pre-insulated transmission pipelines equipped with a leak detection system, which transport reservoir fluid from SP KM to OG Górzyca, in difficult, irrigated and swampy terrain. In addition, the route of the gas pipeline ran through areas rich in nature, which resulted in time constraints and the need to carry out works under environmental supervision. Another obstacle to the construction was the presence of numerous archaeological sites and remnants of activities carried out during World War II. These works were carried out under archaeological and sapper supervision.

In the OG Górzyca facility, a compressor set was installed to compress gas separated from the reservoir fluid, coming from the Górzyca and Kamień Mały deposits, which after compression is transported via the existing gas pipeline to KRNiGZ Zielin.

Despite numerous challenges during construction, the commissioned investment has been completed, and its launch allows for the extraction of approx. 24,000 tons of crude oil and approx. 3.6 million cubic meters of natural gas per year.