Beautiful May blood donation campaign

"Blood the Greatest Gift – Share with those in need"

27 people responded to the organizers’ appeal.

7.2 liters of the most valuable drug were collected.

It was the third edition of the action organized by Orlen Oil employees in Jedlicze,
as part of employee volunteering organized by the Orlen Foundation. The campaign was supported by our company PGNiG Technologie together with Orlen Południe, Orlen Oil, Karpaty Krosno Club and firefighters from OSP. The gastronomic part was traditionally prepared by ladies from the Circle of Rural Housewives in Długie. The co-organizer of the event was the Kompas Foundation and the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Rzeszów.

Thank you to our employees and everyone involved in the campaign! Remember that we are united by blood that saves lives.


Can you become a blood donor? Do not hesitate and visit the nearest RCKiK.

Blood can be donated by anyone who:

  • Is between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Weighs more than 50 kg
  • Present a photo ID
  • Meets health requirements and who’s body temperature does not exceed 37 degrees Celsius
  • Passed a medical examination prior to taking blood from a blood donor candidate.