We help the citizens of Ukraine

PGNiG Technologie S.A. has been involved in several ways in helping refugees from Ukraine – our neighbours affected by the enormity of the disaster caused by Russia's invasion of their country.

The company allocated funds to Caritas of the Archdiocese of Przemyśl, Caritas of the Diocese of Zamość-Lubaczów, the Association under the Angel’s Wing and the Podkarpackie Association of Local Governments.

In addition, the Company took care of a family of six from Kiev, who took refuge in Podkarpacie. Our guests received from the Company the material assistance necessary for life, and our employees were committed with great dedication to support in carrying out all official, school and health care formalities.

In addition, the Company’s employees initiated a peer collection, as a result of which packages of the most necessary items were collected: cosmetics and personal hygiene products, laundry detergents, blankets, milk for children, long-term food and animal feed. These gifts are transferred on an ongoing basis to selected institutions, including Krosno, where there are mainly women with children, often with their beloved dogs and cats. As part of the aid campaign, we have also prepared 300 nutritious sandwiches for refugees crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border Szeginie-Medyka near Przemyśl in difficult winter conditions.