PGNiG Technologie S.A. is located in the place where 100 years ago it all began…

In 1920, the Drilling Machines and Equipment Factory was established in Krosno, changing its name several times over the following decades, transforming itself and adapting to new conditions. In 2020, PGNiG Technologie continues the rich tradition of oil production in Poland and the Podkarpacie Province.

The company celebrates its 100th anniversary as a market leader in the design, construction, commissioning and exploration of oil and gas fields underground storage facilities, gas installations and the manufacture of oil & gas and welding equipment in Poland.

On the occasion of the traditional St. Barbara’s Day, on 3 December this year, the management board, executives and delegations of employees and trade unions attended Holy Mass in the Minor Basilica in Krosno. Afterwards, the authorities of PGNiG Technologie – President Marta Zygmunt and Vice-President Lucyna Podhalicz, executives and trade unions laid flowers at the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Monument.

The celebrations were very modest due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The opportunity to participate in the Holy Mass was available online for all Company employees.