PGNiG Technologie S.A. at E-world energy & water

We are always up to date on innovation and development

This time, representatives of PGNiG Technologie S.A. took part in the leading European energy and water industry fairs, during which over 800 exhibitors from 25 different countries presented their innovative products and services for the energy sector.

How is Europe’s energy supply developing and where is it heading in the era of a multifaceted energy transition? How can a secure, sustainable and independent energy supply be ensured? These and many other questions could be answered at this year’s E-world energy & water fair, which took place on June 21-23 in Essen, Germany.

They were the venue for a debate on different approaches to ensuring a climate-neutral energy supply and the introduction of renewable energy supplies. They gave the opportunity to share ideas and information and the opportunity to get answers to contentious issues.


Our company was represented by the Vice-President of the Management Board – Lucyna Podhalicz and the Director of the Oil & Gas Infrastructure Production Division – Andrzej Tomkowicz.  They had an opportunity to conduct many interesting conversations with our rerular, but also new Customers, witch, hopefully, will soon result in new contracts.


We are ready for new challenges!