Our production is not slowing down…

PGNiG Technologie manufactures fittings for hot tapping (TD Williamson) on operating gas pipelines.


  • connection tees with a plug
  • three-way connection tees
  • connection tees
  • balloon-type pipeline plugging (also LOR)
  • bypass flanges
  • technological connection fittings

The manufactured elements are intended for installation on gas pipelines with a permissible operating pressure up to 100 bar and a temperature range from -29 ° C to + 50 ° C – ANSI 600 class. Depending on the type, fittings are manufactured in sizes from DN50 to DN1000.

The materials from which the fittings are made meet the applicable legal regulations and standards. Under the conditions of use, they are resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal effects to the extent that ensures their durability. Welded construction materials meet the strength requirements in terms of resistance to the transmission of maximum pressures occurring in the gas pipeline and resistance to stresses from external forces.

Each element is subject to quality control, each fitting has a serial number for identification purposes. We provide acceptance certificates for the materials used, and a declaration of conformity for the components made.

The range of our fittings for hot tapping also includes orders made at the customer’s request in accordance with individual requirements.