Ośrodek Zbioru Gazu Dzieków

Back after years...

In 2003, as the "Naftomontaż" Oil Construction company, we built a natural gas production facility under the name "Dzików Gas Deposit Center".

Currently, after nearly 19 years, we have returned with a new task to the same facility, but as a company #PGNiGTechnologie, which was created as a result of the merger of four PGNiG Group companies.

The installation built years ago has been functioning efficiently and without problems to this day, but due to the reduction of pressure in the deposit, it was necessary to build another gas compressor. In order to increase the operational capacity of the less than twenty-year-old facility, we have carried out all the necessary works that enabled us to achieve the intended goal.

The brand new 1.4 MW natural gas compression unit is designed to operate in full range in automatic mode with the possibility of manual control. The system is an independent unit, which includes a natural gas compressor, an internal combustion engine powered by natural gas and pipelines connecting the designed installations with existing technological installations. The compression set delivered and installed by our Company, together with systems, devices and auxiliary systems, is intended to increase the pressure of natural gas in order to further direct it to the national transmission system.

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