New part of Christmas trees is leaving our factory

The Christmas trees are the core product range of PGNiG Technologie SA.

The company carries a wide range of basic trees and special versions thereof.

We also specialize in comprehensive overhauls of Christmas trees.

The trees can be configured with manually controlled or hydraulic-powered gate valves. The Christmas trees manufactured by the Production Division meet or exceed API Spec. 6A and ISO 10423.

A number of seal types is applied for the tubing hanger body. The seal type is selected for each specific case and depending on the operating pressure, material class and size of tubing. The configuration and detailed solution requirements are individually agreed with the Customer according their needs and to API Spec. 6A.


Main Christmas tree types manufactured in PGNiG Technologie SA are:

  • Solid block tree
  • Dual bore thee
  • Leaching tree
  • Storage tap tree, for underground NG storage facilities
  • Injection line tree, for feeding various substances into the casing string annulus
  • Brine tree
  • Geothermal tree
  • Special equipped for well development where a downhole pump is required.


We are proud and happy that next set of Christmas trees is going to our great Clients!

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